Scott, your article and analysis are very insightful. It's the perfect reminder that every business needs to frequently evaluate every line item in their P&L for cost savings. So many expenses "creep up" with time that they go unnoticed!

I like your reference to your margin. As your recurring expenses are reduced, your margin improves, leveraging your profits. Margin is a key Lever a business should work to improve constantly!

I look forward to learning more from your references and other books, too!

Thank you for sharing!


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My greatest takeaway from this valuable post is quality over quantity/less is more. This has motivated me to revisit where I may be wasting resources, especially time. Thank you, Scott!

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Your post and YouTube video have inspired me to look at my credit card statement to find those niggling monthly payments that I seem to pay off but never seem to capitalize on. So, thank you. I sunsetted one website (Squarespace) about two weeks ago. And was about to kill off another site (not being updated at all) until a friend offered to pay the hosting fees of $300 for the year. So, it will continue to live on. But I am on the hunt for other "leaks" in my financial system. The big takeaway for me is this - "First, you save a ton of time, attention, money, and effort that would have gone into trying harder to sell existing offers (or creating new ones)." I'm paring down my offerings. The other types of photo requests may still come at me and I may be able to either accept them or decide not to pursue them depending on if they will take my eyes off of my goal. So much to think about and do. I appreciate all of this!

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Scott- as always your education is timely. You take a seemingly complex matter and mold it into a doable action. This article takes the fear out of “cutting back”!

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